17 Fun Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dads!

Looking for Father’s Day gifts for expecting Dads? Father’s Day is right around the corner! I have to admit, I’m SUCH a slacker when it comes to a Father’s Day gift for my husband.

I’ve always said, I’m really glad Mother’s Day comes FIRST….because my husband always knocks it outta the park with a super awesome gift, and it kicks my butt into gear to do some research for HIS gift! #slacker – I KNOW!

Anyway, there are a TON of cute gifts out there for expectant dads! *Hopefully* he got you something super awesome for your first Mother’s Day, so he deserves something just as awesome in return! Let’s start the list! ?

Father’s day gifts for expecting dads

1. A designer Nordgreen watch

Make Dad feel special and gift him one of these beautiful yet simplistic watches! I got my husband this for father’s day and it was a huge hit. I think every guy loves a nice watch. I also love the idea of taking this to a jeweler to have it engraved with your baby’s birthday or kids’ initials. Something to make it extra special and personalize.

If your partner is a little more outdoorsy, into gadgets, or the adventure-type, this Multi-Function Sports Watch might be the way to go because it’s water-resistant and has a bunch of other cool features.

2. A little keychain from the baby

There are so many cute keychains engraved with little sayings meant to be from baby while they’re still growing! Here are a few I love:

3. A birth course!

Haha. Okay maybe a little unconventional – and definitely a gift for BOTH of you, but girl, even as a labor and delivery nurse I did NOT prep my husband enough before my first birth. He was in total shock and just overall felt like he had no idea how to help when I was in so much pain.

This is a big reason why both versions of our online birth classes, Birth It Up, include lots of info for partners! At the end of the course, there’s even a little guide that tells you which lessons are a MUST for partners, and which ones they can maybe skip if they’re not exactly the birth-class-watching type, haha.

4. A hand-drawn portrait of your house together

This was my gift to my husband on his first Father’s Day. He LOVED it. This is a popular gift for anniversaries, but it works just the same for a Father’s Day gift (especially his first!).

I wrapped it and sold it off as “our house where we first became a family”. ??? Makes me teary eyed just thinking of when he opened it! (You can get one custom made on Etsy!)

5.  A dad-themed book

father's day gifts for expecting dads

Dad’s Playbook : Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time….This is a really cute book for any sport-loving dad out there.

It’s a collection of motivational quotes by various old-time coaches and athletes, collected on the theory that coaches and Fathers aim to exhibit like traits.

They motivate, mentor, discipline, love….sounds just like a DAD! It’s a very inexpensive buy from Amazon too, if you’re looking for a small gift!

father's day gifts for expecting dads

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-To-Be: Every Dad deserves to be informed and educated on what’s to come. I found that this book was the most realistic of the “dad pregnancy books” out there in terms of being helpful, and having a little humor mixed in! Also, a very cheap buy from Amazon.

We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook looks like another fun, cheap, and well-reviewed book for the dad to be in our life!

6. A really nice camera

father's day gifts for expecting dads

What Dad wouldn’t want a brand new camera to take super cute baby pictures? If you’ve got the budget, I think this a SPECTACULAR idea. (If you’ve got a dad who’s into taking pics!) ?

7. A Great Mug

Coffee, anyone? Dad’s going to be drinking a lot more coffee once baby makes their appearance. Why not drink from a super awesome mug? There are a ton of clever ones to choose from if you want to go the humor route. Or you can get something classic, or high-quality! There’s a lot of ways to play this one!

Here are some of my top picks:

8. Children’s Book with a Dad-Theme

father's day gifts for expecting dads

I ordered this book for my husband as this year’s Father’s Day gift! There are so many MOMMY books out there, it’s so nice to see a DAD one!

I know your dad-to-be will appreciate a sweet kiddo book as his first Father’s Day gift. One that will be read over and over!

Here’s a few more to love:

father's day gifts for expecting dads
father's day gifts for expecting dads

Can you tell I like books? ?

9. A man crate

Okay, I have to admit, this company is hilarious. They have a TON of different themed man crates to choose from!

You can pick the one that best fits your husband’s personality and interest! Although the coffee lovers crate might be good for a new dad to be who’s about to be a WHOLE lot more tired ?

11. A one handed bottle opener

father's day gifts for expecting dads

I’m pretty sure anyone who’s a fan of opening bottles with one hand, regardless of if you are a dad or not would freaking love this thing.

BUT, for all intents and purposes…if that dad-to-be of yours is a beer lover (like mine), I’m sure he would love the gift of autonomy.

12. More Beer-Related Expecting Dad Father’s Day Gifts!

And on the topic of beer – there’s a few other cute dad-themed, beer-related gifts he’ll love!

13. Gift for the Dad-to-Be that loves to cook

Is the expecting dad in your life a grill master or king in the kitchen? There are so many awesome gift ideas for the dad that loves to cook! Here are a few of my top picks:

14. A “dad” shirt

father's day gifts for expecting dads
father's day gifts for expecting dads
father's day gifts for expecting dads

What Dad doesn’t love a clever graphic tee? Gotta love the beard one though…

14. A fun onesie for baby

Since this is a list for the dad-to-be, a cute dad-themed onesie for baby would make a great gift! Amazon comes through with a TON of great options!

15. A card goes a long way

Yes, it does! Especially for a FIRST Father’s day gift…sometimes a sweet card is all you need to let your baby daddy know he’s special.

father's day gifts for expecting dads
father's day gifts for expecting dads
father's day gifts for expecting dads

16. A Great Baby Carrier

I know that I loved using a soft, wrap-style carrier (love my Solly!), but my husband much preferred a structured-style carrier. It’s actually one piece of baby gear he was pretty excited about!

We love the Ergo 360, but I’ve heard good things about Baby Bjorn, too!

17. An Owlet Smart Sock

This little device monitors baby while they’re sleeping to give you peace of mind! It alerts you if anything is off with baby’s breathing or heart rate.

There is nothing like the gift of safety. I used one of these with my second baby and it was such a game-changer. They’re a bit of a splurge, which is why it’s such a great gift idea. I think dad’s that love tech-y things will really love this thing. And honestly, it’s a gift for mama too ?

Check out the Owlet Smart Sock to learn more.

What will you choose for a first father’s day gift?

That concludes the list! What did you get your baby daddy for his first Father’s Day? We’d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

And in the meantime – why don’t you grab yourself a free little gift if you’re the one shopping, expecting mama! Our FREE birth plan has been downloaded by thousands of mamas and put to use to help them feel more confident before birth!

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